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Feeling stuck and not sure where to turn? Do you need help picking yourself up after a nasty injury. Or maybe you need help getting over something from your past that maybe causing reltionships to suffer. Do you wish to gain new tools and more confidence so you can get that promotion or start that business. Or maybe you want to learn how to become more confident socially and romantically. I can help you stop any negative habbits so you can be your best at work, reltionships and in health. I won't just improve your life, I will transform it dramatically!


About Me

Daniels start in life was nothing short of tragic. He grew up surrounded by crime, drugs and violence. He later went on to developing a teenage drug problem himself. Spending most of those teenage years in care and foster homes, he was finally locked up in one of the worst prisons in the UK. After his release, Lyndon over come his childhood related trauma by investing heavily in his own personal development, spirituality and career.  Over the last 15 years he enjoyed watching and growing a 6 figure hairdressing and tattoo business. Then the worst thing that could ever happen to him happened. Dislocating his shoulders he was forced out of the career that saw as the biggest contributing factor to his success. 3 years later and still only 38 years old, young enough, he decided to start a new career in coaching others. Drawing on his experiences as a hairdresser and nearly a life time of personal development skills, he's come back stronger than ever before. His ability to empathise, create rapport and advise on so many levels has given him a unique advantage in helping men and women to overcome their own inner battles. Daniel is the go-to expert for overcoming childhood trauma, Life changing injuries and relationship breakdowns. Not only will he help you to overcome these challanges but he will also share 15 years and 10's of thousands of pounds worth of knowledge, training and courses that helped him go on to create full of love and abundance in every aspect of his life.. Click on find help to see how.


I'm Daniel Lyndon


Yet again I have made my dream come true, only this time my dream was to become a life coach and help other people achieve theirs.


... to free you from the self-destructive patterns of behaviour caused by unresolved childhood trauma, life changing injuries and/or break downs of relationships.  Using a mixture of traditional practices and powerful modern techniques, my approach to life and business development can create the type of mindset you need to live in abundance and freedom



My passion is in helping men and women unlock that potential so that you can have real purpose. Step by step I will guide you, drawing on 20 years of experience so you too can have an impact on this world and leave a legacy that your children will be proud of.


"It's only in our suffering and failures do we learn to over come adversity. Although we do not know it at the time, these tough experiences become our greatest sources of strength"

-- Daniel Lyndon



Why spend countless years on research and 10's of thosands of pounds on courses and literature when I can share all my empowering wisdom with you right now!?

Take control of your self-defeating subconcious patterns of behaviour 

Overcome negative thinking or depressive thoughts relating to childhood trauma

Take back control of your life after life changing injuries to maximise results and feel more fullfilled 

Gain new techniques for overcoming relationship breakdowns and learn how to avoid toxic relationships in the future 

Get rid of bad habits and addictions and cultivate a positive relationship with negativity


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For all queries or to book a service please send me an email.

Or alternatively please send a text or whatsapp message to :   Mob: +44 07507 040383.

**Please note:- Unsoliceted calls will go unanswered. I aim to get back to evry one within 24hrs.  

Location: Bournemouth, Dorset, UK


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