• Daniel Lyndon

High Pressure Jobs!

Working in a hgih pressure executive job can be draining and really impact your mental health if you don't take care of it. Director and serial entrpreneur Daniel Lyndon has some useful tips and tricks on how to minimise the impact on your health and overall wellbeing.

Keeping hydrated has to be top of the list. If we don't keep our body properly lubricated then the brain and body cannot maintain optimal production rate.

Time out to do the things you love has to be up there with hydration. Doing the things we love releases important hormones in the brain that support happiness and wellbeing.

Walking outside and taking regular exercise is good for your energy levels because it can help cultivate more focus and a stronger mindset. By connecting with nature it has been scientifically proven that we can ground our energy. Given the direction of tech and the fact we are all working more in city and urban areas the ammount of 'electro magnetic' radition emmitted by telephones and their associated masts and recievers we are consatantly being bombarded with lots of nasty radiation. Taking regular walks in nature will help resolve this.

Diet and nutrition is last but by no means least. Making sure we have all the important minerals and nutrition the body needs can keep both the brain and the body operating at optimal capacity at5 all times!


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